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South African Hair Styles

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South African Hair Styles These Striking African-Inspired Hair Looks Are Works Of Art. While you can't always achieve the hairstyle of your dreams, you can certainly admire the incredible work of others, specifically that of British hairstylist Lisa Farrall. Her recent hair collection Armour celebrates African culture and pays tribute with ...

Hairstyles for Natural African Hair
This stylist is redefining African culture through amazing hairstyles. What comes to your mind when we ask, ‘What represents a culture’? Probably, language, dance forms, music and of course, costumes but have you ever thought of hairstyles doing the same? Maybe not, but in a tribute to women empowerment and modern African ...

South African Natural Hair
12 African startups to watch in 2017. South African startup Custos Media Technologies uses bitcoin ... Tress is a social haircare app primarily for black women, which allows women to discover new hairstyles, find out detailed information about hairstyles such as the exact products used ...

South African Singer Lira // Natural Hair Style Icon | Black Girl with ...
Talking African Hair With Miss Milli B and Mathahle Stofile. The show takes a fun, quirky and honest approach to discussing African hair related matters ... through to the politicising of certain hairstyle choices that black women make, the first episode covers a wide range of topics in just under 8 minutes.

South African Natural Hair Style
The 13 Best African Hairstyles of the Year: The Unruliness of Form. Can someone’s hairstyle really be so eye-catching that you literally can’t tear your gaze away from it? It certainly can, especially if it’s been created by someone as skillful as Lisa Farrall. This woman is a true genius when it comes to ...

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