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Poetic Justice Box Braids

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Poetic Justice Box Braids Vanessa Hudgens accused of cultural appropriation for wearing box braids. The High School Musical star posted pictures to Snapchat on Sunday wearing what appears to be a wig styled into box braids, which are traditionally worn by African women as a protective style for their hair. Fans took to Twitter to respond to Hudgens ...

Box Braids Styles with Color
Vanessa Hudgens Accused of Cultural Appropriation for Her Box Braids [Photos]. Vanessa Hudgens got herself some box braids and the Internet is upset. On Sunday, the ‘Grease Live!’ star Snapchatted a series of photos of her new braids — in a style traditionally worn by Black women. Needless to say, people weren’t having it and ...

Box Braids with Two Colors
Vanessa Hudgens Slammed For Cultural Appropriation After Wearing Box Braids. Vanessa Hudgens is under fire for sharing photos of herself wearing box braids, a hairstyle typically worn by black women. The actress posted these photos to Snapchat on Sunday, October 23 and seemed very proud of her new look, even captioning one of the ...

Kids Box Braids Hairstyles
Vanessa Hudgens accused of cultural appropriation for wearing hair in braids. The “Grease: Live!” star earned the ire of social media users on Sunday after Snapchatting a series of photos of her new hair-do: micro box braids, a style traditionally worn by black women. While some speculated the singer was sporting a lace front wi ...

Jumbo Box Braids
The Internet Is Calling Out Vanessa Hudgens for Her Box Braids. She captioned one of the photos with "Yaaas braids," and used a filter on another one. Shortly after she shared the snaps, the internet clapped back hard, calling Vanessa out for cultural appropriation because she wore a box braid hairstyle that black ...

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